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Leadership Development

Being a leader is a personal choice. As a leader, you have specifically chosen to take responsibility for other people and your business. You have chosen to take the lead and expose yourself and your competencies. The most valuable and effective tools for managing responsibilities are placed deep within you. Knowing your preferences and your basic values as a human being gives you a clear compass for your actions. Problems typically arise when you do not actively use this compass, but simply focus on deliveries and day-to-day requirements from the business – or when there are conflicts between what you are asked to perform and what you believe in as ethically sound.

Leadership is very much about managing relationships. Leaders are facing increasing demands for knowledge sharing, handling change processes and increased complexity in the organisation. Whether the challenge is to create a new organizational structure, strategy, or form of collaboration, or to understand and anchor an old, existing culture in the organization, most resources lie in the development of human relationships and being able to give space for everybody’s full potential. Therefore, the development of communicative and emotional skills is fundamental in leadership development.

Ambitious leadership

The term Ambitious Leadership embodies my perspective on leadership. I guide leaders in comprehending their own personalities, understanding employee experiences, and recognizing their impact within the organization. I invite senior advisors with profound expertise to join me educate leaders globally. 

This approach empowers both the individual and the organization by crafting leadership development initiatives that truly matter. Collaborating closely with management teams, business units, or department heads, I meticulously tailor programs that suit their specific needs and diligently support their execution.

Typically, this approach incorporates a blend of pertinent assessments, personalized coaching sessions, and a comprehensive leadership academy, designed to enhance the entire leadership team’s capabilities. I firmly believe that these initiatives should be customized to fit both the individual and the organization, all without unnecessary complexity or excessive time investment

I design leadership development that makes a difference. In collaboration with the management teams and/or the management of business units or departments, together we design the most suitable program and we support its implementation.

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Existential therapy


Deciding to start therapy can be an important first step to changing something in your life that isn’t working the way you want it to. Therapy is a well-documented path to achieving insight and drive, via greater self-knowledge and self-understanding.

A course of therapy can generate quality of life, well-being and balance and help you find your way; very often back to something fundamental – other times to something completely new.

During therapy, we work towards you finding the energy and motivation to accept, work through or change a situation, which you no longer feel is meaningful to you. In other words, you can say that we work towards you taking responsibility for the choices you wish to make.
My fundamental therapeutic approach is that every person has the potential to find answers to the issues that are behind an imbalance or failure to thrive in life.
Therapy can also provide a path to personal development without taking a starting point in an actual, urgent matter: It can also be driven by a desire to get more insight into yourself and your way of being in the world.

Therapy options

I offer individual existential therapy and couples counselling.
My approach to therapy is existential, phenomenological, which means that most issues can be addressed. I am not a specialist in any issues in particular. On the contrary, I wish to help my clients live in accordance with their own convictions and ethics.

Therapy is an important step towards balance

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve needed a therapist or a third-party conversation partner. Maybe you’re already experienced. For many, it can be a hard decision to ask for help to get on in life.
Being stuck in a situation is not as unusual as some may think. Yet, you can feel shameful, which makes it even harder to get started. Being motivated is the fundamental drive, but I’m aware that some people have their reservations or are nervous about getting in contact with a therapist. This is completely normal.

Finding the right therapist

Therapeutic work relies on good co-operation: Both you as a client and I as a therapist must be committed to each other and get value from our relationship. That’s why I encourage you to ask more about my professional foundation and the way we’ll be working.

Give me a call and learn more

I offer a noncommittal phone conversation where you can find out whether therapy is for you.


A sustainable life

Many of my clients are so much in imbalance, bodily and mentally, that it makes very good sense to talk to the body instead of the intellect. Perhaps their condition has even generated bodily as well as mental pain.

As a trained yoga teacher, I can include yoga in my work with personal development. Both poses, respiratory exercises, meditation and relaxation can be a good addition to the existential conversation.


When you meditate, your nervous system finds rest. The meditation activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system that soothes and signals to the body that there is no danger. When that happens, your heart rate and your blood pressure drop. Your breathing and pulse get calmer. You’ll be better at managing the pressures you are subjected to in your job and in your family life and you learn how to abstract yourself from distracting thoughts.

Meditation changes the balance between the transmitter substances in the brain so that it secretes larger amounts of the hormone dopamine that has an uplifting effect. At the same time, it reduces the level of stress hormones. Therefore, meditation often has a beneficial effect on unrest, anxiety and depression.

Breath work

Breath work is a means of creating emotional balance and healing. You connect to deeper and finer emotional states and create a mental alertness that promotes clarity. You’ll find that you’re able to calm down agitated conditions in the body and you’ll notice an improvement in your body’s vitality.

Scientific research into the respiratory process has shown that the quality of breathing has dramatic physical as well as psychological consequences. Through slow, rhythmic breathing, which utilizes the diaphragm movement, you can increase your relaxation response, reduce the levels of metabolism and blood sugar, lower heart activity and reduce muscle tension, fatigue and pain. At a more psychological level, it is documented that good respiratory quality increases mental alertness, self-confidence and emotional stability.

Slow down – increase your energy. Does that sound like a contradiction in terms?

Meditation and respiratory training act on the body like charging a flat battery. With time, you will be able to let go of racing thoughts and stress and give yourself room to feel and experience what you’re really capable of – and what you want to do. You will get a better sense of your body and its signals, and therefore be able to better control your thoughts and feelings of unease or stress.

Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is a very gentle form of yoga and is therefore also called therapeutic yoga. You will be placed in fully supported positions that address your particular needs. You’ll stay for 6-10 minutes in each position.

The calming and gentle approach to the body and mind has a noticeable effect on a congested mind and a tense body. It is an oasis where your entire system can recover and reset.

You will experience more mental energy, balance of the nervous system, in your emotional body – and in life in general. I also take you through a light breathing workout, maybe even meditation and finish with a relaxation routine.

I offer sessions with restorative yoga – contact me to learn more.

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Coaching is an individually tailored development process, taking its starting point in an actual challenge. Coaching differs from therapy by being more specifically geared towards an already defined problem or a quest for change or development. The focus is typically directed towards action and professional-personal goals.

A coaching process with me

A coaching process provides you with a space for reflection in which we, together, create several result scenarios, which you can work with. We focus on progression and I will challenge you.
Coaching is often chosen in the context of work-related challenges. Both managers and employees experience great benefits from coaching. Likewise, coaching can support a company’s overall process towards change.

Executive coaching

Many leaders are under intense pressure. They experience a busy everyday life with increasing demands to act quickly and with human insight and surgical precision. They report that they continually get into situations that call for both great personal insight and integrity, as well as professional and business intelligence.

Who do I help?

I have worked with executive coaching since 2006 and I personally know the leadership role from both the leader and consultant sides. My customers regard this as a great advantage. I am mainly a coach for managers, self-employed and directors.
My customers typically use coaching for management challenges, career shifts and in situations of change that affect themselves and the wellbeing of others.

Personality tests for use in coaching

In the context of executive coaching, I often perform the personality test NEO-PI-3. The test gives us a common point of reference and insight into your preferences. Using the test as a starting point, you can get a new perspective on yourself, your behavioural patterns and your skills for forming relationships. In the reflective conversation space, we can talk about the different aspects of your personality that might challenge you in your situation right now.

Over the past 10 years, I have tested more than 400 people.

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Process facilitation


I offer to specifically design and facilitate dialogical processes.  A dialogical process design must ensure a conversation situation with and between participants.
I have designed processes for many organisations, including IKEA, Nordea, Danske Bank, several municipalities, Copenhagen Business School and several creative agencies. Focus has been on communication, relationship work, management and change processes as well as well-being and balance.

I help you with your challenges

Facilitating really means ‘easing’. And that’s what I typically contribute with. I make sure to facilitate the process so that participants can relate to the content. With my professional, processual responsiveness, which is about both relationship and process reflexivity, I steer you safely through often rough seas.

My process designs

When designing processes, I base them on a thorough analysis of current needs and from my understanding of a client’s particular challenges or wishes for change. The processes are designed to meet the competencies and current situation of the participants and to meet the needs for variation and energy that your specific situation and staff call for.

A team of experts

If the task requires it, I will cooperate with other consultants and professionals to complement my expertise.


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