Helle Børglum

My theoretical foundation is in the humanities, from which I hold a bachelor’s degree from the University of Copenhagen at the Department of Rhetoric, Pedagogy and Philosophy and a master’s degree from Aarhus University in Philosophy. 
My professional career began when in 1998 I became the director of the National Association for Infant Death. After 8 amazing years, I changed track and became a business psychology chief consultant in Kjerulf and Partners, where I worked primarily with executive coaching and organisational psychological interventions.
After a few years of consultant experience, I returned to the NGO world and became a regional manager for The Danish Cancer Society, Capital Region.

I startet my business in 2009 building upon my academic foundation, my experiences as a senior executive and consultant, and my desire to assist individuals in establishing healthy and strong relationships, both in private life and in businesses.

Along the way, I have graduated a couple more times as an Executive Coach, Existential Coach and Existential Psychotherapist and Narrative Supervisor.

In addition, I am a Hatha yoga teacher RYT500 and restorative yoga teacher. I practice meditation and breathing tecniques.
I comply with the ethical guidelines of the Danish Psychotherapist Association.

Of course, I receive continuous therapy and supervision myself.

Facilitating and Enhancing Human Processes

I work existentially phenomenologically with conversations and processes. Although it may sound complicated, it is actually just the opposite: It’s very simple.
To work existentially means to focus on being a human being under the conditions we currently live in.
To work phenomenologically means that we look at your perception and lived experience of a problem.
The goal is to be able to really take on your life or a task in such a manner that you can be the human being you want to be. Concepts such as choice, responsibility and attitude are therefore central to all existential conversations.


My clients

My customers and clients are typically engaged, curious and ambitious on their own and others’ behalf. They are inquisitive and want insights, so that they can move freely in their lives: Away from a Catch-22 or unfruitful situation or towards a more balanced life. They typically want to move away from a sense of living their life the way they think they should and find clarity to live life as they want; without losing the recognition or respect of others.
I collaborate with anyone who recognizes themselves in this description.
Your take-away from a process with me is the ability to gain insights that enable you to act and live in balance between the demands that the world seems to place on you and your actual resources and competencies.
This applies to individual therapy, coaching or dialogical process designs in your company.

My services


Contact me

You are very welcome to give me a call at 3027 4709 or send me an e-mail  hb@helleborglum.dk
If you want to cancel an appointment, you need to notify me 24 hours before at the latest. Full price is charged for any cancellations later than this.

Find me: Vestergade 18 C, 2. sal, 1456 København K.
Telephone no. +45 30274709
CVR 33301278